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Bags and Lunch boxes

A- I pad cases

keep games, apps, music and phtos safe with our crazy-sute ipad cases.

Water resistant, padded and lined with velvet for kid proof protection

PVC free, phthalate free BPA free and lead free

Sized for all full sized ipad models (10.5”x 8.5”x 1”)

B- water bottles:

Environmentally friendly and totally adorbale

Our new bottles are designed to look like tha cans of soda that kids crave, but they can be filled with healthy stuff like

Juice, milk and water

Made with food grade stainless steel and topped with a removable cap with a sealable flip – tab opening

Lead free BPA free and phthalate free

Holds 350 ML

C- Lunch boxes

Embroidered with the adorbale creatures of maakun Forest these insulated lunch boxes

Are a great way to keep sandwiches, snackes and jiuce freshuntil lunch time

Made with heavy duty nylon and machine washable for kid – proof

Durability and easy cleaning

The back side had zipper pocket and name tag

The interior linig is water proof and food safe

PVC free Phthalate free and lead free (10x75x4”)

D- Big kid backpacks

Big enough to hold nexbooks, lunch and laptop and more

These heavy weight nylon packs have a large interior space with a zipped interior pocket

The exterior has a large front pocket and two flapped side pockets

The shoulder straps and black panel are padded for extra comfort

PVC free lead free and phthalate free (1.4x15x5.5”)

E- Little kid backpacks

F- wheelie bags

The ultimate jet-setting sutcase for kids of all ages

Made with heavy duty nylon

Over a sturdy frame these wheels bags have an adjustable handle with multiple settings that size to every traveller

G- Cuddly creatures

Funny forst creatures toys

These funny toys are dized for maximum huggability and are suitable for kids of all ages

There is no plstic or other little parts that might be swallowed

Tesed lead free and phthalate free

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